Insight – 29 November 2016

Insight -29 November
Yvonne, Rachel and I had a meeting in the Otter Gallery at University with Dr Shirley Chubb to discuss our findings so far and possible ways forward.  We carried on making in the concertina book.  Our drawings met.  I had reached and reached out, over many pages towards Yvonne to finally meet up with her drawing.  Yvonne had worked densely on 4 of the pages, downwardly digging a hole with her pens and stitching it back up again with thread.  Rachel worked with us in her sketchbook, observing, sketching and noting down the comments we made.
cb29nov cby29nov

Insight – 23 November 2016

23 November 2016
I drove over to Brighton this week due to the train strike. Went to the Booth Museum, the smell was intensely odd in there. The piped bird song to accompany the taxidermy was interesting. We had coffee and gave each other a gift. I received a mini concertina book. I gave Yvonne two pieces of art, they look a bit like manuscript. One is called Objective, the other Subjective. They could be interpreted in many ways.

Insight – 16 November 2016

A collaboration – 16 November 2016
Worked on our concertina book again, on the flip side to last week. Yvonne chose coloured pens this week, lots of cross hatching and colour combinations while listening to music. I chose graphite powder which I applied with my fingers, adding water to see what would happen and then pale yellow pastel. The music finished we never noticed. We tried to record our conversation but it felt staged so we abandoned that idea.
cbook16nov ycbook16nov
Yvonne likes working with boxes and previously suggested scribbling on the inside of a large box while I decorated the outside with printed block letters. I felt uncomfortable, I explained how boxes are constraining when my work represents freedom of movement and choices.  Yvonne made a time lapse video of a box that she had drawn on and then deconstructed. The video was a delightful and fun presentation to persuade me to work with the prepared cardboard. I appreciated that Yvonne had broken away from the restraining aspects of the box by flattening it, tearing it and slicing it. I responded by re-constructing the cardboard with dark red cotton thread and a needle, sewing it back together into a sculptural form. I named it Open Heart Surgery.
ohs16nov ohs216nov

Insight – 14 November 2016

14 November 2016
Bringing the outside in?
Papered my kitchen floor yesterday, was I driven by the lunacy of the super luna event?  No its been on my mind for a few weeks now, ever since I met my residency partner Yvonne.
It’s a drawing that is going to unfurl through the actions within my kitchen.
Made this little device to take a time lapse video of the papering event as it happened.

Insight – 11 November 2016

Sister project at Central St Martins – reflection 11 November 2016
Jennifer sent a link to the scripted film, it can be watched here:
I was impressed by the frank discussion, the openness, honesty and camaraderie that had developed between the two artists.  It is personal yet ingenious how the artists have distanced themselves by employing the actors to stage their script.  The finished piece is professional, interesting and thought provoking.  The meeting in person last night followed by seeing this film demonstrated to me how the artist are very much themselves in the script and indirectly in the film.  I was constantly trying to guess who was playing Terrence and who was playing Harrison.  It became blurred, which to me, was the triumph of the collaboration.  It was all about communication and conversation.

Insight Project – 10 November 2016

10th November 2016
Shared Insight: A collaborative Exhibition
Visit to see our sister project preview at UAL: Central St Martins.
Jennifer Gilbert from Pallant House Gallery /Outside in was there to greet us and thankfully held up the discussion due to our late arrival.  Caught a London cab with Yvonne and Rachel due to our time issues, learnt all about ‘The Knowledge’ en route from our cabbie and how the increased visual memory capacity has been proven to enlarge the hippocampus in the frontal lobe of the brain! Food for thought.
Joined the Q&A session and met our counterparts of the residency, Terence and Harrison, Mark, Alex and Melissa.  It was a real pleasure to meet everyone.  The Q&A session was enlightening as it highlighted the similarities and the complexities of the pairings.  All these insider/outsider issues and who was the insider anyway?  It illustrated the massive amount of discussion necessary in order to formulate an understanding of ones collaborative partner.  To embrace ones differences, accept them and realise the similarities that are true to many artists generally.  Thank you to Terrence, Harrison, Mark, Alex and Melissa it was a pleasure to meet you all in person.
img_6363 img_6366 img_6376

Insight – 2nd November 2016

Insight Project – A Collaboration
2nd November 2016
Working on the concertina book (small yet expandable) our different styles and approaches are remarkable. We both find music to be inspirational and aids focus. Yvonne chose the music this week. I noted the sound of Yvonne working and made an audio recording of her pen scratching on the paper alongside the music she had chosen, while she sat still concentrating. I’m a pretty silent worker, on my feet buzzing around yet being very messy, having various disasters such as a leaky water pot and an ink pot explosion!! Such is life.
Went to see Edith, Elizabeth and I at West Dean College in the evening.  It was a one woman show by Jules Craig, inspired by the life and works of Edith Sitwell.  The play was how Juliet had been inspired by 2 other women, Edith Sitwell and Queen Elizabeth I.  The play explored the nature of biography and focussed on the themes of role models, identity and the position the older, unmarried woman in society.  The three women interacting and influencing each other had parallels with the Insight project and inspired me to make the collage below.  My eyes, Rachel’s nose and Yvonne’s mouth – the see-er, the sniffer and the eloquent speaker.

Insight Research Project – 25 October 2016

Insight Research Project – A collaboration (Week 2)
25th October 2016
Photoshoot at Pallant House Gallery with Rachel, Yvonne and I. Liam Petch took photographs of the three of us working together for the press release. Rachel, Yvonne and I then made our way to University of Chichester and reviewed our ideas and thoughts on the forthcoming weeks. Met Dannie Caslin from the university’s marketing department. Started to make in my tiny sketch book, prints from graphite onto sticky backed plastic (very Blue Peter) of people who will make contact and touch the project (see photo). Made pen sketches of Yvonne in my mini and larger sketchbook (A4) with the pen Yvonne provided. I took the matchbox away and filled it with my own hair. I made graphite prints, of my ear, nostrils and mouth and covered the matchbox with them. Touch is the mother of all senses.

Insight Research Project – 17 October 2016

Insight Research Project – A collaboration
17th October 2016
Met Yvonne today at Pallant House Gallery with who I will be collaborating with on the Insight project. Yvonne works on a small scale, in tiny sketchbooks. At our meeting Yvonne showed me her work in miniature books, inside little boxes. I asked if she had a small scale sketch book that I could use, she sent me this image. How magical! It’s my very own teeny tiny sketch pack for our meeting at the University of Chichester next week. Thank you Yvonne. I can’t wait to use it. Being used to working on large scale pieces this mini sketch book is going to be a challenge!