Deborah is a multidisciplinary artist who works part time at West Dean College as the Arts Short Course Programmer. Deborah graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from University of Chichester in 2015. Her MA work consisted of large mixed media paintings on gesso and ply wood surfaces.  Large ply wood panels were fastidiously prepared to yield incredibly smooth skin like surfaces, they were then painted with vibrant layers of oil paint and then over-layered by printing, through the use of paint and Deborah’s own body.

Her latest series of work named ‘Inklings’ are an intuitive expression of her journeying both physically and mentally.  Deborah became involved with the Arts Council England funded project ‘Drawing Insight’.  During the project Deborah made her epic sized ‘Inkscape’ measuring 10 metres x 1.5 metres outdoors on the iron age hill fort of Cissbury Ring. Then a second ‘Inkscape’ on the Trundle at Goodwood.
“Being a practicing artist is vital to me as it is an expression and an exploration into what makes us human and what it is to be alive. To be authentic to oneself is paramount and is essential to secure meaning, value, vitality and purpose into existence. I am a multi-sensory artist who questions how conscious thought is constructed and the implications of the unconscious, how we live in and experience time and reality. I aim to express my research on existential phenomenology and embodied experience in a visual form, in order to deepen my understanding of these complex ideas in order to make sense of the world we live in. Art allows me space and time to breathe, feel, touch, see, experience and think visually.”