10th November 2016
Shared Insight: A collaborative Exhibition
Visit to see our sister project preview at UAL: Central St Martins.
Jennifer Gilbert from Pallant House Gallery /Outside in was there to greet us and thankfully held up the discussion due to our late arrival.  Caught a London cab with Yvonne and Rachel due to our time issues, learnt all about ‘The Knowledge’ en route from our cabbie and how the increased visual memory capacity has been proven to enlarge the hippocampus in the frontal lobe of the brain! Food for thought.
Joined the Q&A session and met our counterparts of the residency, Terence and Harrison, Mark, Alex and Melissa.  It was a real pleasure to meet everyone.  The Q&A session was enlightening as it highlighted the similarities and the complexities of the pairings.  All these insider/outsider issues and who was the insider anyway?  It illustrated the massive amount of discussion necessary in order to formulate an understanding of ones collaborative partner.  To embrace ones differences, accept them and realise the similarities that are true to many artists generally.  Thank you to Terrence, Harrison, Mark, Alex and Melissa it was a pleasure to meet you all in person.
img_6363 img_6366 img_6376

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