Insight Project – A Collaboration
2nd November 2016
Working on the concertina book (small yet expandable) our different styles and approaches are remarkable. We both find music to be inspirational and aids focus. Yvonne chose the music this week. I noted the sound of Yvonne working and made an audio recording of her pen scratching on the paper alongside the music she had chosen, while she sat still concentrating. I’m a pretty silent worker, on my feet buzzing around yet being very messy, having various disasters such as a leaky water pot and an ink pot explosion!! Such is life.
Went to see Edith, Elizabeth and I at West Dean College in the evening.  It was a one woman show by Jules Craig, inspired by the life and works of Edith Sitwell.  The play was how Juliet had been inspired by 2 other women, Edith Sitwell and Queen Elizabeth I.  The play explored the nature of biography and focussed on the themes of role models, identity and the position the older, unmarried woman in society.  The three women interacting and influencing each other had parallels with the Insight project and inspired me to make the collage below.  My eyes, Rachel’s nose and Yvonne’s mouth – the see-er, the sniffer and the eloquent speaker.

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