Insight Research Project – A collaboration (Week 2)
25th October 2016
Photoshoot at Pallant House Gallery with Rachel, Yvonne and I. Liam Petch took photographs of the three of us working together for the press release. Rachel, Yvonne and I then made our way to University of Chichester and reviewed our ideas and thoughts on the forthcoming weeks. Met Dannie Caslin from the university’s marketing department. Started to make in my tiny sketch book, prints from graphite onto sticky backed plastic (very Blue Peter) of people who will make contact and touch the project (see photo). Made pen sketches of Yvonne in my mini and larger sketchbook (A4) with the pen Yvonne provided. I took the matchbox away and filled it with my own hair. I made graphite prints, of my ear, nostrils and mouth and covered the matchbox with them. Touch is the mother of all senses.

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