A collaboration – 16 November 2016
Worked on our concertina book again, on the flip side to last week. Yvonne chose coloured pens this week, lots of cross hatching and colour combinations while listening to music. I chose graphite powder which I applied with my fingers, adding water to see what would happen and then pale yellow pastel. The music finished we never noticed. We tried to record our conversation but it felt staged so we abandoned that idea.
cbook16nov ycbook16nov
Yvonne likes working with boxes and previously suggested scribbling on the inside of a large box while I decorated the outside with printed block letters. I felt uncomfortable, I explained how boxes are constraining when my work represents freedom of movement and choices.  Yvonne made a time lapse video of a box that she had drawn on and then deconstructed. The video was a delightful and fun presentation to persuade me to work with the prepared cardboard. I appreciated that Yvonne had broken away from the restraining aspects of the box by flattening it, tearing it and slicing it. I responded by re-constructing the cardboard with dark red cotton thread and a needle, sewing it back together into a sculptural form. I named it Open Heart Surgery.
ohs16nov ohs216nov

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