Insight – 5 December 2016

The big day continues:
The Inkling measure 1.5 metres by 10 meters long.  I initially sketch the view on a 15cm x 100cm piece of paper, which is in proportion to the massive roll of fabriano paper.
The day is cold yet calm.  As we unroll the paper, the slight wind lifts and bellows it so we need to weigh it down with pieces of flint from the site.
I unwrap my piece of charcoal, a massive piece to scale with the huge piece of paper.  I calmly survey the situation, taking in the view before springing into action.
ciss7 ciss8

Insight – 5 December 2016

The big day!
Here are my lovely support team helping me carry all equipment to the top of Cissbury Ring.
Rachel the Insight facilitator
Rosie Powell Freelance, film maker and photographer
Liam my son for extra support
Fizzy the Dog and guardian of the ‘Inkling’

Insight – 4 December 2016

Shopping for the large outdoor Inkling.  I needed large scale paper, lots of ink and
Embracing our differences – As a response to Yvonne’s miniature work made indoors, I decided to go large scale and outdoors.
I shopped for the tools I would need, scaled up replicas of the tools I use for the small Inklings.  I bought domestic mops, buckets, extendable window cleaning poles and squeegees.  Water sprays and ink.  Lots of inks.  I practiced with the colours I would need at home and put these into squeezy bottles.

Insight – 30 November 2016

Cissbury Ring reconnaissance
I spent the day on Cissbury Ring.  Looking for the perfect spot to make my response to Yvonne – an enormous Inkling!
Embracing our differences – as a response to Yvonne’s miniature work made indoors, I decided to go large scale and outdoors.   Cissbury Ring is my familiar place,  near to my home I have regularly walked here with my dog Fizzy for the past 10 years.  Rosie Powell was to film the making of the piece.  It felt exciting, performative and a little scary.  Lots of preparations and considerations needed to be made.  I needed a large flat area and lots of water.  I found a water trough and a perfect spot to make my mega sized Inkling.
ciss1 ciss2 ciss3 ciss4 ciss5

Insight – 29 November 2016

Insight -29 November
Yvonne, Rachel and I had a meeting in the Otter Gallery at University with Dr Shirley Chubb to discuss our findings so far and possible ways forward.  We carried on making in the concertina book.  Our drawings met.  I had reached and reached out, over many pages towards Yvonne to finally meet up with her drawing.  Yvonne had worked densely on 4 of the pages, downwardly digging a hole with her pens and stitching it back up again with thread.  Rachel worked with us in her sketchbook, observing, sketching and noting down the comments we made.
cb29nov cby29nov