Drawing Insight Documentary Film

Drawing Insight. A documentary video by #RosiePowellFreelance with #YvonneJFoster and #RachelRedfern. Exhibition currently showing at #Pallanthousegallery until 26 March 2017
Drawing InsightPublished on 6 Mar 2017
A film documenting the Insight Partnership, a collaborative project delivered by Outside In and the University of Chichester. Artists Yvonne J. Foster, Deborah Petch and Rachel Redfern worked in partnership over a three month period to experience each others ways of working. This film was made by filmmaker Rosie Powell and was first shown as part of Drawing Insight, an exhibition celebrating the partnership, which ran at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester 1-26 March 2017.

Insight – 17 January 2017

Bringing the Inside Out!
The kitchen floor paper  and ‘The Trundle at Goodwood’ come together.
A second ‘Inkscape’ created outside using the paper that had previously been on my kitchen floor for several weeks with all it’s marks and traces.
Starting with a mini sketch for compositional purposes, this time in charcoal on a scaled down replica in proportion and shape of my kitchen floor.
I then created the second ‘Inkscape’ on this rather tired and worn out piece of paper while filming took place, once more by Rosie.  This time Rachel worked alongside me.  The idea was for Rachel to paint the landscape on Yvonnes kitchen floor, however when we unfurled the paper and read all the tiny messages from Yvonne, it just didn’t seem right.  Rachel painted on a triptych she had prepared.
Version 2

Insight – 19 December 2016

Meeting with Yvonne, Shirley, Jennie, Rosie, Rachel and myself at The Regency Town House, Brighton.
Rachel, Yvonne and I showed a powerpoint presentation each of what was important in the project, individually, thus far.
Yvonne welcomes us.