Ash Griffith, Tanya Wood, Deborah Petch

Bi-Monthly Meetings

8th April 2014 – Starting Point will be

24th June 2014

12th August 2014

7th October 2014

16th December 2014

Ash Griffith – PhD Performance

My current research is an investigation in theory and practice of how the memory of an experience might be made manifest within a tangible object. This emerging research is based in the field of performance documentation, and is informed by: memory studies; phenomenology; intersubjectivity; the idea of encounter; as well as the artwork of Rachel Whiteread; Antony Gormley; Hayley Newman and Mariana Castillo Deball. As well as the aforementioned theories, as this research progresses I hope to learn more about the subject/object relationship that my work is increasingly exploring. With this research I am hoping to shift the discourse of performance documentation away from one of lack and loss, and towards one of imminence and potentiality for the ways in which the experience of performance, or an encounter, may remain within its documentation.

Tanya Wood – MA Fine Art (Level 8)

My current research explores the art of drawing as a tool to communicate the nature of being and change, work informed by profound life experiences. My interest is specifically in the quotidian experience of life, lived in a state of constant flux (often obliviously). Through the examination and rendering of interstitial places and by focusing attention on a moment, a detail, I aim to produce a body of work that conveys and elicits an embodied experience from the viewer. This research seeks to reflect theory and thinking concerning these conditions married with contemporary critical awareness of others artists working in similar areas, fuelled by contemporary drawing discourse. My work is informed by the writing of Merleau Ponty, Ben Highmore, Mark Paterson, Juhani Pallasmaa, Henri Bergson, Deleuze and Rancierre and influenced by artists such as Vija Celmins, Polly Binns, Richard Forster, Ann Hamilton, Ingrid Calame and Elena Volkova. Drawing helps me to make sense of the world, it reminds me what is most important, it is the means to know and understand, a reminder to make the most of every moment and an endeavour that exercises control over the chaos. I will pursue further development and understanding of the relevance of my research whilst continuing to investigate what Merleau Ponty describes as the ‘thickness of the world’.

Deborah Petch – MA Fine Art (Level 7)

My current practice is to investigate how to communicate the experience of being through portraiture.  This practice began with drawing and has been informed by phenomenology and the ‘Drawology’ exhibition at Nottingham Trent University. Exhibiting artists included Sian Bowen and Claude Heath along with practice based on the theory that ‘drawing is phenomenology’ by Deborah Harty director of Tracey (the online drawing network).  I concluded from this that while some ‘drawing is phenomenology’, other more considered, less impulsive work is not necessarily so.  I am pushing my considered pencil drawings to became more free and experimental, engaging with the subconscious process of drawing.

My recent practice is engaged with pushing the boundaries of portraiture through combining printing methods with photography and the layering of these images using photoshop.  I have included a different working method and process based practice with the aim to achieve clarity to my current ideas. Utilising both contemporary and old family photographs I have been engaged with the ideas presented by Barthes in his book Camera Lucida, where he discusses the ideas of death and eidolon (Greek word for image, likeness, spectre or ghost) through the spectrum of the photograph where the subject becomes object.  I wish to expand further my experimental approach to portraiture to convey the contemporary female of the present with a reference to her past that has informed her very being. Expanding on ideas based in phenomenology and researching ideas from a feminist viewpoint, genetics, the family line, memories and stories passed on through old family photographs plus the connection with the infinite. I am presently being inspired by artists such as Kiki Smith, Sarah Casey, Rachel Garrard and Louise Bourgeois.




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