Previewed a theme called Foto but didn’t like the home page.  Colours good but too fussy and not chic enough.  Didn’t install.

Origami Theme

Tried Origami Theme as it wouldn’t work last week and quite liked the look of it.  Like the pale grey background and the large scale photo gallery.  Like the mid grey slim line text style used on the site name and sub title.  Not happy with how it works on the computer screen though, feels like the wrong scale i.e. the page is too long and you have to scroll down to see the full image and what is going on.  Not convinced with this layout so will look for an alternative theme.  May come back to it as further plug ins are available and could make the theme work.


Added video to my website from today.  Added a very inspirational video from Rachel Garrard via Vimeo.  Also registered with Vimeo and uploaded my own experimental video called Drawing Day last week. Uploaded this video from Vimeo onto my website today.

Rachel Garrard

Rachel Garrard. – Discovered the work of Rachel Garard at Frieze 2012 and found her work had similarities to mine and was particularly influential towards the end of my degree in 2013. Researching websites today, I searched for Rachel Garrard’s website to find her work had similarities to mine yet again. She too has also moved onto working with the figure, in particular, she is using herself in her work by drawing on her own face rather than painting on it as I have done. Great find.